Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July Weekend

 We started our 4th of July Weekend in Cody, WY 
We  had a family reunion of sorts for my Grandma Georgia's 90th Birthday.  She is one amazing pioneer woman!  Lucy was named after her - she shares her middle name 'Etta.'  We had a great time seeing lots of family we haven't seen in ages, and most of which our kids and Bryan had never met.  We also had the pleasure of staying with my Grandparents Ron & Bonnie in Cody.  Their house is on the Southfork and it has a stunning view of the mountains and the reservoir.  It's always nice to enjoy one-on-one time with family we don't get to see very often and we surely enjoyed our time with them.  The kids had a great time getting snuggles and we were spoiled with Bonnie's excellent cooking!

 Nana & Lucy

 Lucy snuggles with Great Grandma Bonnie

 The 'Close' family (and Frame family)

 My Grandma, Georgia 
I get my blue eyes from her and my Grandma LaVeda and passed them on to lil' Luce

 The Cody Stampede Parade on the 4th of July

 Grady & Papa
 Uncle Ryan, Lucy & Bryan

 Our Patriotic Princess & Uncle Ryan

Some of the photos are out of order...after the parade in Cody we drove up to Billings to spend the rest of the week with our families.  
 Grandma Gale & Lucy

 Ryan and his girlfriend, Beth - we love her!

 The 4 of us - very hot and tired after the parade!

 Fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa Kreitzberg's

Bryan & his Nana ;) she's such a sweet lady.
 Bryan and Cliff showing what pyros are made of!

And Bryan with his Papa - his golfing buddy.

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