Tuesday, August 30, 2011


31. A few stolen minutes of silence before the kids wake
32. coconut lime sugar cookies
33. cinnamon in my coffee
34. morning's first rays of light
35. A mantle upon which to perch
36. Bubba and Sis' clapping and singing together
37. Loads of fresh zucchini from a friend, grated and packed in the freezer for yummies

Photo Catch Up

 Grady's exploring new things everyday...he's discovered his imagination and loves pretend play.  I get several servings of tea or coffee with pizza or a hot dog multiple times a day with the tiniest little thimble cup you've ever seen!

 We do baths together now!  Now that Lucy can hold her own a bit more and has been sitting up for quite awhile, they enjoy baths together.  If Lucy hears the water running she's there in a matter of seconds - she loves her baths!!

 Lucy is a crawling maniac!  She loves to go up stairs and screams if I put a gate up to prevent it.  She's also standing up on her own for several seconds at a time or at tables/cruising.  She is a lil' lady on the go!

 Lil' miss has quite the attitude too!  She's so opinionated already...she'll scream and scowl and grunt to make her point clear.  She loves to dance and clap whenever she hears music and will even try to sing.  Uncle Ry Ry got Lucy a toy puppy that sings and plays songs and that entertains Grady & Lucy for at least 30 minutes everyday.  Grady pushes the buttons and sings to the music and Lucy claps and dances.  Too cute!

 Grady loves to take pictures like Mommy.  He always asks to use one of my cameras and the answer is always "No" and he's never reacted well to that, so we found Bryan's very first digital camera that's 2.6 mega pixels - it does the trick, but it goes through batteries really quick!

 We had a lot of fun outside this summer in our pool and with the water table.  A few times I let Grady play with a can of shaving cream in the water table, he'd swirl it with the water, pat it on his face and belly and get messy!

 My pretty girl

Lucy has 7 teeth now and the 8th is just about broke through.  We've been working on 6 at once for awhile...hoping (and praying) that she'll be sleeping better if we get a teething break after this!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Mama

I've been busy this summer working on several DIY projects around the house!  I'm proud to announce that after 5 years of a mantle-less fireplace we now have our very own mantle!  While Bryan was out of town for business I made a trip to Home Depot purchased the materials and found a tutorial (not in that order).  This last week I put the beauty together and painted.  We hung it this past weekend and it looks quite at home.
 No more wondering where to hang those stocking this Christmas!!

No...Lucy wasn't the second DIY project.  It was our kitchen table...I refinished it two years ago and it was pretty...then, but after being beat-up constantly by my little boy, it needed a makeover.  I opted to paint the table black this time (stuck-on-food on white doesn't wear well).  And I painted the chairs aqua...I love red and aqua together and since our kitchen is red it goes qite well and adds a nice pop of color.  I will update with a better picture of the set all together, as the photos below are of the black dining room chairs with the kitchen table while the aqua chairs were being refinished.  

Monday, August 08, 2011


9. An afternoon movie with the kids (Winnie the Pooh - forgot how much I love it)
10. free childcare at the T-Rec Center
11. hands raised high in worship
12. care-bear chiropractic adjustments
13. reading dr.suess with little ones

Saturday, August 06, 2011


6. The sizzle of pancakes on the griddle.
7. Belly giggles from my baby girl
8. A Saturday morning coffee date with my girlfriend

Hiking Mesa Trail

We made it out for a family hike at the end of July.  We went to one our old standbys, Mesa Trail outside Eldorado.  Hiking is definitely tougher with two!  Bryan carrying Grady on his back, and I carry Lucy on mine.  The kids had a great time on the hike and dipping their toes in the creek afterward.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart - free printable

I've been following Ann Voskamps blog, A Holy Experience, for awhile now and have owned her book One Thousand Gifts since Christmas.  However, it took me six plus months to finally crack it open to read it!  Inspired by the book, I've created a new printable 5x7 art piece.  It's a great reminder that if we thank God for all that He's gifted us with down to the little details we will be more aware of His hand in our lives and content with what we have instead of wishing after what we don't.  I'll be framing this printable art to put on my nightstand so I can start each day with that in mind.

**If you want the printable, right click on the photo and choose "save image as" to your computer!

Early beginning of my list of 1,000 gifts:

1. Ruffles on baby butts
2. Iced coffee, cool & creamy
3. 3 year old boy giggles
4. Songs that speak of You - "I love the Way You Hold Me" (Jamie Grace)
5. Working with hands; creating new from old
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