Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!!

Happy Birthday to our little Lucy Etta!  It's hard to believe you are already one year old! Whew that was fast.  You are such a sweet heart.  Here's what you love right now:

Cuddling with Mama
Being  outside
Bathtime - you  crawl like crazy once that water starts running
playing with your brother's toys
chewing on crayons
turning the TV on and off
dancing and clapping to music
Crawling up and down stairs

 Good Morning Birthday Girl!!

 what a pretty girl

 My girlfriend, Allison got cupcakes for Lucy's birthday for the kids playdate.

 Cake batter pancakes with sprinkles and yogurt for breakfast!

 Lucy's favorite part of presents was the paper and bows.

I made an apple spice yogurt cake for lil' miss with cream cheese frosting.  Grady was the most excited about the cake, he decided we should have cake and presents everyday, ha!
 Mmmm, cake. 
Ain't she the cutest?! We love you baby!

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