Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?

I think we'll all remember where we were that awful September morning 10 years ago when the twin towers were struck in New York City.  I was a freshman at Montana State University.  My roommates brother called when I was still asleep and she had left to work already.  I remember being irritated that the phone was ringing so early (this seemed to happen alot) but that quickly vanished once my brain woke up enough to register his message.  I almost fell out of the bunk bed in my rush to turn on the TV to watch the news footage.  We were in a daze for the whole day, shuffling numb to classes that weren't cancelled and huddled watching news footage during cancelled classes.  I remember the coming together of Americans in the year after 9/11, I wish that was the current sentiment of our country.  It's a reminder that freedom is something we cannot take for granted and that true freedom and community come in Christ because He is the ultimate redeemer and freedom maker.

Where were you September 11, 2001?

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