Monday, November 14, 2011


We helped Grady build his first blanket fort this November.  Daddy showed him all the tricks, chairs, lots and lots of blankets and the art of anchoring.  Grady thought this was amazing.  He loved piling books in the fort and had a never ending supply of blankets that kept coming from his room upstairs.  We left it up for a few days before it "collapsed" - also known as curiousity..."what happens if I pull this blanket?..."

We tried our hands at a few fall art projects.  Leaf faces.  This is our leaf family by Grady and Mommy:

This was too cute not to include.  Lucy fell asleep during dinner one night.  Both my kids are pretty good eaters so this is a rare sight that they are too tired to eat...but here's proof that it has happened!

Grady, the photographer

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